Components of the Student Athlete Performance Ratings (SAPR)

We have developed a rating system that combines those elements important to a college athlete who wants the best showcase for his athletic talent and also the best opportunity of a quality college degree.

One component of the SAPR is the Academic Success Rate (ASR) that combines the following information for each NCAA football and basketball program:

  1. The number of team wins in the last 5 years
  2. The teamís all-time winning percentage
  3. The number of conference championships in the last 5 years
  4. Total attendance at recent home games
  5. Number of bowl games in the last 5 years
  6. Number of national rankings 25th or above in the last 5 years
  7. Number of program players currently playing in the National Football League (NFL) or National Basketball Association (NBA)

The second component of the SAPR is the Academic Progress Rate (APR) calculated by the NCAA to determine how well teams have promoted the academic progress of their athletes. The APR tracks two critical factors for each athlete on each NCAA team:

  1. Whether the athlete who participated last year has been retained on the team this year.
  2. Whether the athlete remains academically eligible to play this year.

The Student Athlete Performance Rate (SAPR) combines the above components to rank NCAA programs by how well they provide their athletes with both the opportunity for athletic success and academic progress.